• DW Hardware: DWCP3710A - Straight Cymbal Stand

DW Hardware: DWCP3710A - Straight Cymbal Stand


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DW Hardware: DWCP3710 - Straight Cymbal Stand
DW 3000 Series Straight Cymbal Stand

DW’s 3000 Series Straight Cymbal Stands carry an array of drummer-friendly innovations, much like their Boom Stand counterparts. The straight stands feature sturdy, double-braced tripod legs to support larger cymbals, while the lighter gauge tubing helps to lighten the load when it's time to haul your kit. The Plastic Tube Insulators kill the rattle in recording situations. And the Toothless Tilter and Hinged Memory Locks allow you to quickly and firmly set the stand heights and angles, so your cymbals stay where you put them.

DW: The Drummer’s Choice.
  • Hinged Memory Locks
  • Toothless Tilter
  • Plastic Tube Insulators
  • Double-Braced Tripod Base
This brand new hardware in its factory box.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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