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PDP Rack Systems were designed especially for working drummers. PDP Racks are built to last, with heavy-duty, chrome-plated, steel tubing. And PDP offers a multitude of reinforced clamps and modular accessories, so our racks can be adapted for just about any set-up imaginable.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there! PDP Racks also feature our TechLock mounts, with an additional locking screw to secure your tilter angles. To make setting up easier, they offer soft-grip, rubber feet with integrated spikes, and even a level built into the PDP nameplate. Best of all, PDP’s V-clamps work with various sizes of tubing, so you can pair them up with other hardware from PDP, or just about any other manufacturer.

Heavy-duty and extremely versatile… PDP Rack Systems are a drummer’s best friend!

The PDP Side Rack Package includes:
(2) 1.5"-V Rack Clamps
(2) 36" Straight Bars
(1) Pair of Large, Rubber Feet with Integrated Spikes
(1) 1.5"-1.5" T-Leg Clamp
(2) 1.5"-1.5" Rack Clamps with Drum Key Screws
(1) 24" Straight Bar

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