• DW Performance Series 6.5x14 Snare Drum Silver Sparkle

DW Performance Series 6.5x14 Snare Drum Silver Sparkle


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DW Performance Series Snare Drum in a new, Drum Shop Exclusive "Silver Sparkle" FinishPly finish


  • DW's HVX All-Maple Shell made in their Oxnard, CA Factory
  • Drum Shop Exclusive Silver Sparkle FinishPly wrap, chrome hardware
  • Quarter-Turret Lug
  • DW by Remo CS Coated Batter Head & Snare Side Head
  • DW MAG Snare Throw-off Mechanism
  • DW TrueSound Snares
  • Triple-Flanged Hoops

NOTE: The drum depicted was taken from its original factory box for photos and video demos. Drums in video demos will have some stick marks on them; we have more that are still in boxes, so until noted, buyers will receive those other drums unplayed in original factory boxes.

DW Performance Series:
This is a DW drum set in every way. No detail has been overlooked, no corners have been cut. Its look and sound are decidedly DW. Custom-inspired, with a new Quarter Turret lug, a low-mass die-cast bass drum claw hook, new badge, logo head, and your choice of hand-sprayed Specialty Lacquer or ultra-durable FinishPly finishes, it's designed to get noticed - and, most importantly, Performance sounds like what you'd expect from DW.
Easy-to-tune, superior-sounding HVX shells, along with DW heads by Remo USA, STM (Suspension Tom Mounts), True Pitch Tuning rods and DW's 45-degree back-cut bearing edges all make these drums sing.

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