• DW Hardware: DWCPRKMAIN - Main Rack Package

DW Hardware: DWCPRKMAIN - Main Rack Package


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DW Hardware: DWCPRKMAIN - Main Rack Package
Finally, the first drum rack strong and versatile enough to be called DW. Introducing the 9000 Series Rack System. It features heavy-gauge stainless steel tubing, matching heavy-duty clamps and a host of available add-ons and accessories that can easily adapt to any set-up. Innovations such as soft-grip rubber feet with integrated spikes, name badge with built-in level and tube-mounted DWSM934S Cymbal Arms make 9000 Series racks the professional modular hardware system. 


(1) DWCPRKB42C 42" Curved Bar 
(2) DWCPRKB36S 36" Straight Bar 
(2) DWCPRKB24S 24" Straight Bar 
(4) DWSMRKC15K 1.5" - 1.5" Clamp with Drum Key Screw 
(1) DWSMRKC15A 1.5" - V Angle Clamp 
(2) DWSMRKTTCA 1.5" - .75" Tube Top Cymbal Adapter 
(2) DWSM934S Cymbal Boom Arm 
(2) DWSMRKC15V 1.5" - V Rack Clamp 
(9) DWSMRKML15 1.5" Hinged Memory Lock 
(4) DWSMRKFEET Rubber Feet 
(1) DWSMRKDRKY Hi-Torque Drum Key 
(1) DWSMRKNPLV Nameplate with Level


This brand new hardware in its factory box.             

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!

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