• DW Design Blue Slate Lacquer 4 Piece Shell Pack 22/10/12/16

DW Design Blue Slate Lacquer 4 Piece Shell Pack 22/10/12/16


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 Portland, Maine

Item: DW Design Series 4-Piece Shell Pack Blue Slate Lacquer DDLM2214BS

Sizes: 18x22" Bass Drum, 8x10" & 9x12" Toms, and 14x16" Floor Tom

Info: The DW Design Series carries on the brand's custom shop-inspired lineage at price point that was previously unheard of. In addition to new developments and established DW innovations, these drums feature North American maple shells with a wide tonal spectrum with attack, punch and warmth to spare.

The 8-ply tom and kick shells were built with the latest construction technique from DW's shell shop, HVLT. This is not just any shell; it's made with VLT (Vertical Low Timbre) grain orientation with an outer horizontal ply (the H in HVLT) to offer more depth, body and tuning range than the competition. Design Series snares feature 10-ply HVX shells.

Snares include an artist-approved MAG throw-off and all drums feature True-Pitch tuning rods. Finally, DW's popular F.A.S.T. (Fundamentally Accurately-Sized Toms) drum sizing and Suspension Tom Mount (STM) system will ensure these drums are able to resonantly sing as they're intended. This listing is for the drum shell pack only. The cymbals and stands seen in the photo are sold separately.

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